Customers have reported $500K saving on software support and licensing

Advanced Analytics Platform includes...

  • Run your current BIRT Open standard Reports on additional platforms for far less money, and improve your overall customer experience with Advanced Analytics

  • Voice enabled SQL for non-technical business users, No development cost for converting SQL into reports, and perhaps expand, extend your existing SQL queries quickly

  • Migrate your legacy data analytics tools, including cost allocations, consolidations, category and unit profitability, budgeting, planning.....Plus leverage our ML (Machine Learning models), AI technologies including Deep Learning and NLP

  • Convert Legacy Reports, Dashboards reports, including benchmarks, business unit comparisons, projections... Into Self-service interactive Dashboards including Mobile Devices.

  • Promote, realize elastic scalability, at very low incremental cost, to take advantage of business user democracy....

  • Offer, promote Self Service, including an AdHoc, user friendly toolset with "what if" and drill down, across, through.......

  • Break away from limitations on accessing data verification and authenticity across multiple data sources...virtually all versions, flavors of SQL, CRM, ERP, Social Media, etc,

Try your data and see the difference, we offer a no cost trial.