What is TimeBound.ai?

TimeBound is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered business intelligence platform. It uses Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms to generate predictive and prescriptive data analytics. Also, it provides simplified technology solutions to connect and, analyze data from multiple real-time and historical data sources.

It is an open, modular, and extensible platform that offers rich visuals, meaningful dashboards, reports, enterprise scheduling, ad-hoc reports, and AI/ML enabled self-service data analytics for business users. This in-turn helps drive better intelligence, decision making and customer experience.


TimeBound has an unparalleled elegance of design that provides simplicity and intuitiveness of use. TimeBound's architecture is secure, scalable, reliable, open, extensible,and AI/ML/NLP Integrated. It's key features allow business users to easily create dashboard reports from multiple data sources including Big Data and mashup data with their respective data set. It is designed to support social media functionalities such as sharing, commenting and rating the quality of the reports.

Load Data Source

TimeBound connects to any data source, relational and non-relational databases, web services, Big Data, spreadsheets, and flat files.

Data Discovery

TimeBound has the capability to search for the answers to your business questions. It provides information from existing reports, web services, and business metrics.

Data Analytics

Ad-hoc tools support users with on-line real time data analytic capabilities that can be saved as a report, or schedule the report and share with others.


TimeBound runs on all tablets and smartphones, so you are never disconnected from your data.

Big Data

TimeBound supports SQL and NO SQL databases and it can be integrated with multiple Big Data data sources.

Private Cloud

TimeBound can be deployed in a Public / private cloud or on-premise


This tool helps business users upload their own spreadsheets or other data sources into TimeBound. Then this information can be combined with other relevant information to create new reports.

Interactive Dashboard

TimeBound’s Interactive Dashboard provides rich data visualization for key performance indicators and metrics, with drill–down capabilities. Users can create their own dashboards by simply dragging and Data Analytics dropping components.

Reports and Scheduler

Business users can run, schedule, download, share, and distribute reports with other users, via email or their TimeBound inbox.

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